Monday, June 2, 2008

ECI Telecom Adds SIP Support for its Hi-FOCuS MSAN

ECI Telecom has enhanced its Hi-FOCuS multi-service access node (MSAN) with support for SIP signaling for voice-over-IP. The added protocol support gives service providers the flexibility to choose any common industry IMS voice core as they migrate from PSTN to a next generation network (NGN).

ECI's Hi-FOCuS MSAN, which supports both xDSL and fiber access, can provide a seamless replacement for legacy Class 5 PSTN lines to IMS SIP-based or H.248-based voice services. The enhanced Hi-FOCuS MSAN voice solution, which incorporates access gateway functionality, can flexibly and openly interoperate with third party Call Session Control (also known as 'softswitch') IMS solutions for delivery of voice PSTN-replacement services.