Monday, June 2, 2008 Builds Forum for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Issues, a new organization whose mission is to be a global resource for information, discussion and collaboration on topics related to Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), announced its formation with support from founding sponsors as well as the launch of its website.'s user-driven community will serve as both a technical resource and open community forum to educate, share information, and collaborate on a wide variety of DPI related topics including the creation of common frameworks and standards.'s support comes from nine founding sponsor companies:

  • Allot Communications

  • Bivio Networks

  • Cloudshield Technologies

  • Ellacoya Networks (now part of Arbor Networks)

  • LSI Corporation

  • nPulse Networks

  • Qosmos

  • Sandvine

  • Solera Networks

Networks employ DPI to gain increased visibility and control of network traffic. Its use and impact on the Internet, corporate, and government networks is rapidly increasing in areas such as network security, traffic optimization, content filtering and law enforcement. Moreover, DPI plays an important role in both the convergence of network-based services (e.g. voice, data, VoIP) and the consolidation of features in networking devices (e.g. combining traditional switching and routing with advanced security and traffic optimization features).

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