Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dilithium's ViVAS Flash Enables Web to 3G Mobile Calls

Dilithium has enhanced its ViVAS platform with new capabilities that enable carriers to deliver two-way video calling services between web browsers and 3G mobile devices.

Dilithium's ViVAS platform provides real-time streaming of video content to and from mobile wireless devices, broadband and SIP clients. With the ViVAS Flash add-on module, carriers can expand their services to offer subscribers branded video communications from either their PC or mobile device. The ViVAS Flash-powered video leverages Adobe Flash, so the clients only need to run a web browser.

A number of companies have already implemented Dilithium's ViVAS Flash solution to offer services including:

  • Bi-directional web browser to 3G mobile video calls;

  • Web-based video services, including conferencing and surveillance;

  • Game changing new features on social networks such as ‘call me now' or video chat.
  • In May, Dilithium, which specializes in high-quality transcoding and multimedia delivery over mobile and broadband networks, introduced a high capacity and scalable solution that automates the real-time adaptation and delivery of video content over multiple networks to any device. Dilithium's patented technologies perform real-time, on demand media conversion for multiple devices with minimal latency, avoiding the need for off-line transcoding. The new Dilithium Content Adapter (DCA), which builds on the company's existing 3G mobile video solutions, is designed for the delivery of interactive, 2-way multimedia content to wireless and broadband devices.

    Media delivery has typically required customized coding for each device and network type such as 2.5G, 3G, WiFi or WiMAX, which restricted real-time downloads and is resource intensive as it requires extensive human interaction and expensive capital investment in servers and storage. Dilithium's technologies enable on-demand transcoding, transrating and transsizing of multimedia content. This on-demand processing makes it easier for operators to manage content and allows for additional revenue streams such as targeted ad insertion.