Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dell'Oro: Asia-Pac Surpasses North America in PBX Line Shipments During Q1

Macroeconomic weakness and seasonality led North American line shipments to their lowest level in three years, according to a recently published "IP Telephony Enterprise Quarterly Report" from Dell'Oro Group. The report indicates that fiscal year end strength in Japan and continued growth in China helped Asia Pacific grow to 29 percent of line shipments during the quarter, surpassing North America for the first time.

1. What regional shifts
are occurring in the the telephony market?

2. Were there any
shifts in the vendor landscape during Q1 2008?

3. Could you comment
on pricing trends
during Q1 2008

4. What are vendors doing to address the
SMB market?

5. Do you see a trend
from premised-based toward hosted solutions?

6. Which vendors are
better positioned for opportunities in China?

7. Will
Microsoft and/or IBM disrupt the enterprise telephony market?

The report also reveals that in North America, Cisco widened its lead to five points over Nortel and Avaya. Cisco also became the second largest vendor, besides Nortel, of worldwide line shipments in the quarter by surpassing Avaya. Nortel remained the top vendor of worldwide line shipments. NEC, Siemens, and Alcatel-Lucent rounded out the top six vendors in the market respectively.

"Vendors continued to struggle in North America as the region has declined quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year for the past two quarters," commented Alan Weckel, Senior Analyst at Dell'Oro Group. "With significant green field opportunities and the lack of incumbent competition, vendors, such as Avaya, Cisco, and Nortel continue to increase their presence in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Asia as well as targeting small businesses across all the regions to drive growth," Weckel added.

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