Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ciena Targets Software-enabled, Service-driven Networks

Ciena unveiled plans for creating software-enabled, service-driven networks that turn seemingly disparate network elements into an intelligent, cohesive platform that can be controlled on-demand.

Through its "FlexSelect" Architecture, Ciena aims to transform networks into programmable service delivery engines. Service providers would be able to adapt and scale their networks to address emerging services, turn unpredictability in service demand into business opportunities and eliminate barriers between creating and monetizing new services.

Ciena's FlexSelect Architecture initially has been focused on capacity and cost reductions for optical transport using the company's with "any service on any port". It hase been expanded to focus on network efficiency using OTN, sub-wavelength grooming and performance-grade Ethernet. The company is now further evolving its FlexSelect Architecture with a focus on creating agile, software-enabled networks running across efficient IP/Ethernet and intelligent optical platforms that can cost-effectively enable new revenue-generating services.

Ciena said key benefits of its software-driven approach include the ability to :

  • Increase service awareness in access and metro networks to enable new service creation, activation and assurance;

  • Dynamically allocate, increase or decrease network capacity with zero to low touch via programmability/automation to respond to unpredictable demand;

  • Optimize wireless and wireline networks for ubiquitous connectivity and seamless service delivery; and,

  • Distribute integrated service-aware data, control and management plane features across platforms from customer edge to service provider core.