Monday, June 9, 2008

Calix Expands its Access and Aggregation Portfolios

Calix announced several additions to its access portfolio for both fiber and copper networks. The Calix E5-120 and E5-121 Ethernet Service Platforms (ESPs) -- part of the Calix E-Series multiservice over Ethernet product family -- expand the portfolio of options available to service providers by addressing the growing bandwidth needs of residential and business customers. The Calix E5-400 is a carrier-grade Ethernet Access platform offering 10GE and multiple gigabit Ethernet (GE) aggregation options for FTTP and last-mile copper infrastructure.

The Calix E5-120 and E5-121 Ethernet Service Platforms deliver VDSL2 capability will offering ADSL fallback, enabling them to interoperate with ADSL modems already deployed in service provider networks. Key capabilities include:

  • The E5-121 combo platform supports lifeline and SIP voice services as well as VDSL2 for broadband services
  • The E5-120 and E5-121 are designed for low-density, high-capacity broadband applications; a small 1.5 RU form factor enables providers to use them in space-constrained or hard-to-reach locations

  • The Calix E5-120/121 platforms are available now on a limited basis. Calix expects them to be available generally in Q3 2008.

Key capabilities of the new Calix E5-400 aggregation platform include

  • Standards-based, redundant, non-proprietary 10GE, NxGE, and GE transport and aggregation across the access network.

  • Can be used with other E-Series products and the Calix C7 to create a unified access infrastructure that supports advanced Ethernet services as well as legacy services such as POTS, Specials, DS-3, and OC-3/12/48 SONET

  • A hardened, 1 rack unit (RU) form factor enables flexible deployment from the CO to the network edge.

  • New layers of protection include enhancements to ITU G.8032 Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (Enhanced EAPS), IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol (RSTP), and IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation to ensure network flexibility and redundancy. Enhanced EAPS creates a fault-tolerant topology for VLANs that ensures highly available Ethernet switched rings. RSTP enables redundant links for automatic backup if an active link

  • Support for multiple SFP, XFP, and SFP+ ports and a robust switching fabric, the E5-400 provides flexibility, capacity, and redundancy across copper and fiber Ethernet interfaces.

  • The E-400 is fully managed via the Calix Management System (CMS), which in turn provides a single network view and a common user experience independent of media type, protocol, or service.

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