Sunday, June 22, 2008

AT&T Teams with Covisint and Microsoft on Nationwide Health-Information Exchange

AT&T, Covisint (a subsidiary of Compuware) and Microsoft announced a major eHealth initiative -- a nationwide information exchange -- to enhance the health care experience for patients and practitioners.

AT&T Healthcare Community Online will offer managed services, applications and authentication services while promoting the widespread adoption of health-information technology by providing authorized doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, labs and patients with access to test results, prescription records, best practices and medical histories.

AT&T will provide a Virtual Private Network (VPN)-based portal, called AT&T Healthcare Community Online, that will leverage two AT&T patents that enable electronic health care data exchange.

The new eHealth information exchange, enabled by Covisint's On-Demand Healthcare Platform and layered on AT&T's eHealth solutions and MPLS network, shares information electronically and in a security-enhanced way across the continuum of care -- from patient to provider communities such as HealthVault, health-information exchanges and insurers. It allows consumers using Microsoft HealthVault, a software- and service-based platform for storing and accessing personal health information, to share information with authorized physicians and health care providers connected to AT&T Healthcare Community Online.http://www.att.com