Monday, June 16, 2008

Allot Partners with PeerApp and Qosmo

Allot Communications and PeerApp announced a joint solution that integrates Allot deep packet inspection (DPI) devices with PeerApp's intelligent media caching solutions to optimize the delivery of video content over the Internet.

The solution helps ISPs control network bandwidth costs, increase subscriber loyalty, and create new revenue-generating services by reducing the irritating delays caused by multimedia content buffering. When deploying the PeerApp UltraBand Intelligent media caching solution with the Allot NetEnforcer or Service Gateway, Allot's DPI engine identifies Internet Video streams in real time and redirects them to the UltraBand platform.

Ultraband uses caching technology to free up bandwidth, thereby speeding up the download process and improving the subscriber experience. Allot's Service Gateway or NetEnforcer can also be used to prioritize the video application traffic to all or premium-plan subscribers, which enables ISPs to create new, revenue-generating services from Internet Video instead of just being passive purveyors of over-the-top content.

Separately, Allot Communications and Qosmos are offering a joint solution in which Allot DPI devices work in conjunction with Qosmos Information Extraction appliances to capture business-critical information and implement QoS policies in real time, to optimize any VoIP service. The integrated solution was developed as part of Allot's Service Gateway strategy, utilizing its DPI technology to enable a wide array of revenue-generating services. The companies said their solution can help Service Providers overcome the challenges associated with providing VoIP services such as billing, fraud prevention and guaranteeing Quality of Service.http://www.allot.com

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