Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aktino's Ethernet/Copper Promises 90+ Mbps of Backhaul Capacity

Aktino introduced a new copper-based access solution that promises 90+ Mbps of capacity that could be used to transport either DS3 TDM/ATM or Carrier Ethernet. The solution, which combines features from Aktino's DS3 and Carrier Ethernet over copper product lines, addresses three key applications: Carrier Ethernet services, DSLAM backhaul, and cell site backhaul.

Aktino said its new product delivers either a DS3 or up to 90+ Mbps of Carrier Ethernet bandwidth throughout the entire CSA (Carrier Serving Area or 12,000 feet) and beyond. It switches from a DS3 to Carrier Ethernet product and back via a simple user command. It can deliver asymmetric services to cover their entire CSA with bandwidth of up to 90+ Mbps, or symmetric services of up to 90+ Mbps at shorter reaches, according to the company.

In tandem with this solution, Aktino is introducing an updated version of its 8-pair Ethernet solution, which provides 50 Mbps symmetric bandwidth at up to 5,000-foot reaches.

By configuring the product in asymmetric mode, a carrier can double the downstream bandwidth over Aktino's already high symmetric MIMO-on-DMT (Multiple Input, Multiple Out on Discrete Multi-Tone) bandwidth, and more than quadruple the bandwidth provided by G.SHDSL. Aktino is the only bonded copper solution vendor that offers asymmetric bandwidth capability.