Monday, May 26, 2008

Zeugma Develops Next Gen Broadband Service Delivery Router

Zeugma, a start-up based in Vancouver, Canada, unveiled its Zeugma Services Node (ZSN), a broadband edge aggregation device designed to help broadband operators identify, monitor, manage and customize service flows traversing their networks. Zeugma integrates routing, subscriber, and service management in a single platform powered by high-performance, multi-core packet processors. The system leverages a customized compute grid architecture and up to 520,000 DMIPS compute capacity to identify and monitor session flows on a highly granular per-subscriber, per-service basis.

According to Zeugma, a key part of the challenge in next gen broadband aggregation is finding ways to monetize the media-rich traffic being carried over the network, in particular, over-the-top (OTT) content from the likes of iTunes, Netflix, Hollywood studios, content delivery networks or other media outlets. To accomplish this, Zeugma is introducing an Open Application Sandbox (OAS) with APIs that give applications running on its platform the ability to continuously and dynamically modify the behavior of underlying deep packet inspection (DPI) functions and the dynamic bandwidth manager. This allows, for example, finely-targeted ad insertion, QOS-enhanced over the top (OTT) video, content and URL filtering, enhanced VOIP, active quality of experience (QOE) monitoring, and many other applications.

Zeugma's OAS not only provides APIs for system control functions but also provides a secure execution environment that isolates applications from external threats, from each other, and from critical system resources. Applications can be added, placed on-line, and taken off-line with impacting other applications or the ZSN itself. Zeugma provides a number of applications that can be run within the Zeugma OAS, including application (e.g., VOIP, VOD) driven QOS (ADQ), application-driven bandwidth (ADB), active VOIP and video quality of experience (QOE) monitoring, URL filtering, and others.

Zeugma is introducing two models of its service delivery router. A 14-slot version can be configured with up to thirteen Compute Blades (CBs) while a 6-slot model can accommodate up to five CBs. Each CB provides up to 40,000 DMIPS (Dhrystone millions of instructions per second) of processing capacity, yielding a system that scales to the cited 520,000 DMIPS figure. The ZSN dynamically load balances applications across all available CBs. CBs can be added or removed without impacting system performance and the compute grid will automatically expand and contract to optimize available resources.

For high-speed broadband aggregation, traffic forwarding, and deep packet inspection, Traffic Blades (TBs) are provided with either 10 x 1GE ports or 6 x 10GE ports. This provides up to 720 Gbps of unidirectional interface capacity on the larger chassis and 240 Gbps on the compact model.

Zeugma said it currently has active trials underway with a number of tier-one operators, including BT.

  • Zeugma Systems is led by Andrew Harries, co-founder, President and CEO and who previously co-founded Sierra Wireless Inc.; Siegfried Luft, founder, CTO and formerly a senior development executive at Redback Networks; Jeff Dillabough, VP Engineering, formerly at PMC-Sierra; Tom Meehan, VP product management, previously at Redback Networks; Wayne Shackelford, SVP Worldwide Sales, who formerly led sales at several startups and at Newbridge Networks USA; and Kevin Walsh, VP of Marketing, who previously was VP of Corporate Marketing at Calix.

  • In December 2007, Zeugma announced completion of its US$22.5 million Series B financing. The financing was led by new investor Vertex Venture Capital. The syndicate members include returning investors Granite Ventures, Ventures West, Yaletown Venture Partners, GrowthWorks Capital Ltd. and BDC Venture Capital, as well as new investors GTD Capital and BC Advantage Funds.

  • Zeugma currently has 100+ employees, with some of its development work carried out in India.

  • The name Zeugma refers to an ancient city located in the Gaziantep Province of Turkey that was named for the bridge of boats, or zeugma, which crossed the Euphrates there. During the Roman Empire, the city held strategic importance due to its location on the Silk Road.