Monday, May 19, 2008

Wintegra and WiChorus Establish Mobile WiMAX Interoperability

Wintegra, a fabless semiconductor company providing silicon and software solutions for WiMAX 802.16e and LTE base stations, and WiChorus, which provides Intelligent Wireless Core Platforms for WiMAX and LTE networks, completed interoperability testing (IOT) between WiChorus' Intelligent ASN gateway and Wintegra's Mobile WiMAX base station technology.

Specifically, WiChorus and Wintegra demonstrated seamless end-to-end connectivity between Wintegra's base station technology platform and WiChorus' Intelligent ASN Gateway, based on the R6 interface within the WiMAX Forum's NWG Specification.

WiChorus provides a new class of intelligent wireless core platform that enables service providers to deploy large scale, profitable WiMAX and LTE (long term evolution) networks. The WiChorus intelligent ASN Gateway sits in the heart of the wireless network, with visibility across all subscribers and packet flows

Wintegra said it plans to continue to invest in WiMAX technology to develop new "cutting-edge" WiMAX features. Wintegra is planning a follow up WiMAX 1.1 production release during the second half of this year that will add to the feature set already supported. WiChorus and Wintegra will continue to work together on a joint IOT program to ensure that the mobile WiMAX experience is simplified and seamless for partners, vendors, and mobile operators. In addition, the two companies are collaborating on a similar initiative for LTE.http://www.wichorus.com