Monday, May 12, 2008

TI Introduces Newest VoIP Gateway Solutions

Texas Instruments introduced the newest members of its VoIP gateway silicon and software solutions that will enable equipment manufacturers to scale from eight to several hundreds of channels while supporting advanced voice and video features.

TI's newest gateway solutions are powered by its TMS320C64x+ digital signal processor (DSP) that significantly increases performance for VoIP and video encode, decode and transcode applications. This allows manufacturers to integrate video capabilities to their products and still support voice and fax communications between TDM and packet telephony networks.

The new TNETV2664, TNETV2666, TNETV2686 and TNETV2689 support an Ethernet interface and full IP encapsulation that allows the DSPs to put voice media directly on the network. TI said this integration enables manufacturers to choose a smaller, more cost-effective host processor thereby simplifying their hardware design and reducing overall bill of material (BOM) costs. TI's gateway solutions include pin compatible options with different channel densities, which gives equipment manufacturers the ability to design a common hardware architecture that can scale across a range of product configurations and applications.

The improved processing power enabled by the C64x+ architecture combined with increased on-chip memory significantly improves voice gateway performance while enabling higher channel densities.

TI noted that it has now shipped over 750 million VoIP ports to date.


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