Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Taiwan's Chunghwa Established JV in Vietnam

Chunghwa Telecom, the incumbent operator in Taiwan, has established a joint venture with Viettel Corporation (''Viettel'') to provide Internet Data Center (''IDC'') services in Vietnam. This venture, which is expected to begin operations in the third quarter of 2008, marks Chunghwa Telecom's first investment project outside of Taiwan. The initial investment is US$30 million, of which 70% will be provided by Viettel and 30% will be provided by Chunghwa Telecom.

Chunghwa Telecom initially will cooperate with Viettel to offer Taiwan- based companies and customers IDC services in Vietnam, where demand for these services is expected to increase dramatically, in line with Internet growth. In Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom provides not only basic IDC services, but also total solutions for network monitoring, security, load-balancing, and disaster recovery. The company said it expects that the joint venture will expand to also provide both basic and total solution IDC services for Taiwanese corporate customers, government authorities and private companies in Vietnam.http://www.cht.com.tw/