Sunday, May 18, 2008

ShoreTel Refines Unified Communications with Release 8.0

ShoreTel has continued to refine its unified communications system with release 8.0, featuring new Scalable Video Coding (SVC) capabilities and other collaboration enhancements. ShoreTel also announced two new energy-efficient voice switches and the certification of several ShoreTel technology partners on the new version.

Refinements to the company's ShoreWare Call Manager include tabbed windows that make users more productive by making it easier and faster to access voicemail, call history, directories and the speed dial list. The system also offers more intuitive call control features, anticipating user needs and presenting productivity-enhancing information and tools based on the situation. For example, when a user starts a call transfer, the phone status of the called party is shown in real time, letting the caller decide whether or not to proceed with the transfer.

ShoreTel's new ShoreWare Professional Call Manager supports high-quality video (up to 640x480 resolution and up to 30 frames per second). with support for SVC. The Professional Call Manager also provides presence information and consolidates instant messaging with voice, video and email.

ShoreTel's unified communications system also now includes built-in support for SIP endpoints, devices, and applications that comply with RFC 3261.

ShoreTel's new ShoreGear 30 voice switch is targeted at branch locations with up to 10 users and can be reconfigured to support up to 30 IP phones, or to support SIP trunks or devices. The ShoreGear 24A voice switch supports the need for higher density analog phone deployments. It provides 24 analog ports and can be configured to support multi-party conference calls. ShoreTel said its voice switches use significantly less power, require less cooling, have a longer useful life, and take up less space than competing solutions.

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