Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sandvine Offers Application Agnostic "Fair Share" Traffic Management

Sandvine introduced new "FairShare" capabilities to help broadband service operators ensure fair usage in the shared access network .

Sandvine's "FairShare" works with the company's suite of Traffic Optimization solutions using an application-agnostic approach. FairShare automatically responds to the changing network environment and subscriber usage patterns in real-time. It collects subscriber usage metrics from various sources and analyzes the data according to configurable parameters. Based on the results, FairShare dynamically modifies policies to balance available bandwidth and resources among subscribers.

"Sandvine FairShare incorporates more decision factors and more policy options that enable broadband providers to ensure fair allocation of network resources and optimize network efficiency," said Don Bowman, Sandvine Chief Technology Officer. "FairShare's approach is unique because it can implement both application-aware and application-agnostic network management strategies. FairShare takes into account the three key dimensions of traffic - speed, latency and jitter -- to ensure the reliable delivery of the broadest range of applications with the highest level of overall subscriber satisfaction, especially during periods of heavy usage."http://www.sandvine.com

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