Thursday, May 15, 2008

Salira Introduces Multi-wavelength EPON Solution

Salira Systems introduced a multi-wavelength EPON solution that uses Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) to increase bandwidth capacity dramatically without any upgrades to the outside plant.

Salira's MW-PON increases the bandwidth capacity from 1 Gbps to 4 Gbps for each PON link. Traffic is carried over four wavelengths, thereby quadrupling bandwidth that can be transmitted over a single fiber optic cable. Moreover, MW-PON's bandwidth capacity is symmetric, meaning that end-users can upload data at the same enhanced speeds. Salira uses SFP modules on the CPE side to allow service providers to re-assign equipment easily as conditions change.

Salira said that unlike DWDM solutions that are costly to implement and change, its MW-PON solution gives operators the ability to easily re-assign equipment at both the head end and at the customer premises for maximum flexibility.