Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ruckus Wireless Sues NETGEAR and Rayspan over Wi-Fi Antennas

Ruckus Wireless, has filed suit in the U.S. Court for the Northern District of California against NETGEAR and Rayspan Corporation for patent infringement. Ruckus Wireless alleges that in the development of the NETGEAR RangeMax WPN 824v3 wireless router, NETGEAR and Rayspan infringed two Wi-Fi patents which are fundamental to intelligent and adaptable Wi-Fi antenna arrays. Ruckus said it has over 70 patents granted or pending worldwide in the area of intelligent antenna or wireless technology innovation.

Ruckus also noted that in January 2005 it entered into a technology licensing agreement to develop the underlying technology within the NETGEAR RangeMax 824v1 and v2 wireless routers, the predecessors to the RangeMax 824v3 at issue. The resulting hardware and software technology developed for NETGEAR was owned and patented by Ruckus Wireless.