Sunday, May 4, 2008

Riverbed Enhances Central Management Console

Riverbed Technology released the latest version of its Central Management Console (v5.0)

featuring enhancements for deploying, configuring, and managing its Steelhead appliances, while providing visibility into the underlying performance of applications running across the WAN. Specifically, the enhancements provide network administrators with hierarchical structuring of Steelhead appliances, new policy-based configuration, role-based administration and centralized security management.

Among the changes in the new release, the configuration of Steelheads is now based on discrete policies that can be assigned among Steelhead appliance groups and imported from existing Steelhead appliances. Policies can be defined separately for optimization, networking, security, and system configuration elements. To simplify the management of large Steelhead deployments, network managers can categorize and centrally manage Steelhead appliances using a hierarchical structure.


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