Thursday, May 15, 2008

Qualcomm Wins 40 MHz of L-Band Spectrum in UK Auction

Qualcomm has acquired 40 MHz (1452-1492 MHz) of L-Band radio spectrum recently auctioned by UK communications regulator Ofcom, at a cost of GPB 8,334,000. The L-Band spectrum license acquired by Qualcomm covers the entire United Kingdom and is technology neutral, thereby enabling Qualcomm to use the spectrum for innovative technologies, depending on its assessment of market needs in the United Kingdom.

"Winning this license creates an opportunity for Qualcomm to explore emerging business models and advanced mobile technologies," said John Caterer, managing director, UK, Qualcomm Europe, Inc. "If we can help the market to harness this potential, we will see additional opportunities for service providers using a variety of technologies. This will ultimately benefit consumers, offering them high quality services and a range of creative applications."

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