Sunday, May 18, 2008

Orange Launches Voice/Data Roaming Offers: Favourite Countries, Travel Data Daily

Orange launched two voice and data roaming offers for both consumer and business customers across its European network.

The new voice roaming offer, Favourite Countries, is aimed at frequent international travelers or those that live or operate on borders. Customers are charged an upfront monthly fee - EUR5 (EUR4.18 ex. VAT) in France for example and there are no hidden charges. Customers simply select a country or countries of their choice from a list of eligible countries and then benefit from discounted or national rates when calling anywhere in the EU from those countries. Favourite Countries is expected to deliver price reductions of between 18 and 60% off the regulated Eurotariff (outgoing rates), regardless of the network that the customer is roaming on.

The second new addition to the roaming portfolio, Travel Data Daily makes it simpler and more affordable for occasional data roamers to access their emails and browse the web on their laptop or mobile device when travelling abroad. With Travel Data Daily, customers pay a fixed price removing the need to choose between standard roaming, hotspot or hotel charges. One upfront fee makes the offer simple, good value and predictable. The fixed price of Travel Data Daily will range from EUR12-15 (inc. VAT) for 50 Mb for daily internet access within the EU. Travel Data Daily is expected to provide up to 90% savings for customers on standard data roaming prices. The offer will be rolled out across the summer months in UK, France, Spain, Poland, Belgium and Romania and by the end of the year in Slovakia.

  • Current EU Roaming Regulation requires operators to offer customers a "Eurotariff" for voice calls when roaming in other Member States and introduced ceilings (excl. VAT) of €0.49 per minute for making calls and €0.24 per minute for receiving calls. These will decrease to €0.46 and €0.22 respectively on 30 August 2008 and to €0.43 and €0.19 on 30 August 2009. At the end of September 2007, over 400 million EU citizens could already benefit from a "Eurotariff".