Sunday, May 11, 2008

OpVista Unveils Dense Multi-Carrier Optical Technology

OpVista unveiled a Dense Multi-Carrier (DMC) technology that combines advanced multiple carrier photonics, lambda stabilization and multi-level modulation to deliver 40G and 100G bandwidth per wavelength, while maintaining compatibility with the characteristics of existing 10G networks. The company describes its DMC as an optical breakthrough that will enable existing 10G metro and long-haul networks to scale their capacity to up to eight terabits/sec (8 Tbps) at an economical cost level.

OpVista's DMC introduces significantly superior tolerance to the typical impairments inherent in optical networks, allowing much higher bandwidth to be delivered per wavelength. The technology is an evolution of the Microwave Photonics technology currently implemented in the widely deployed OpVista2000 optical networking system.

OpVista said DMC's simple architecture and reliance on mature, reliable, high-volume 10G optical components delivers scalable capacity and cost-effective deployment of 40G and 100G wavelength networks. This is in contrast to competitive approaches to higher capacity wavelengths that force service providers to make undesirable compromises between network service capacity and distance.

OpVista DMC technology is currently in trials with service providers in the United States and in Europe. A recently-completed trial deployment at United Kingdom service provider, Vtesse Networks, featured the deployment of 40G wavelengths over an existing 860 km 10G engineered network. During the trials, Vtesse deployed a DMC-generated 40G wavelength over an 860 km (534 mile) link on an in-service 10G-engineered optical network.

"DMC technology, which will be incorporated into all of OpVista's future products, is a universal solution for cost-efficiently achieving 40G and 100G across metro to ultra-long-haul networks," said Karl May, Chief Executive Officer, OpVista. "DMC allows service providers to achieve ever-higher levels of bandwidth to enable the delivery of additional services. Critically, DMC's ability to leverage 10G component maturity and scale ensures access to supply and economies of scale that will continue to reduce cost over time."

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