Sunday, May 18, 2008

On2 Claims 40% Improvement for VP6 Video Quality for Flash

On2 Technologies announced significant improvements to the On2 VP6 video technology used in Adobe Flash 8 and 9 and Flash Lite 3. Achieving a substantial increase to the quality of encoded video, in some cases as much as 40%, content encoded with the new On2 VP6 technology is fully compatible with the existing decoder used in Flash player. The improvements will be introduced as a free upgrade to the On2 Flix suite of encoding and publishing tools for Flash video.

On2 said the improvements follow the recent introduction of for the new VP6-S profile in Flash Player 9. Targeted for HD, encoded video in this profile requires up to 30% less CPU power to playback. For content owners planning to deliver HD to desktops, this means a much larger addressable market as even a 1.7GHz Pentium 4 can playback 720p HD video stutter-free. With this announcement, all profiles of On2 VP6 will experience quality improvements.

A second On2 VP6 improvement release is planned for later this year and will focus on dramatic speed improvements in the VP6 encoder.

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