Monday, May 19, 2008

Nakina Develops Multi-Vendor, Multi-Layer Carrier Ethernet Mgt Solution

Nakina Systems introduced version 7 of its Nakina Network OS featuring new capabilities for managing Carrier Ethernet networks and services. The new release offers management functionality to expedite the roll out of Carrier Ethernet services over any type of infrastructure -- optical (Layer 0/1), Ethernet (Layer 2) or IP/MPLS (Layer 3). This includes support for a logical view of Carrier Ethernet services -- providing carriers with visibility and control over their entire, end-to-end Ethernet service and network with a single solution for provisioning, configuration, fault and topology information.

Nakina said that by abstracting away the complexity of different vendors' network equipment, as well as the different technologies used at each network layer, into a common information model, its OS could significantly lower the cost and time to develop higher-level OSS applications.