Monday, May 12, 2008

Motorola Introduces Universal Edge QAM

Motorola introduced a high density, low cost and low power universal edge QAM designed to enable MSOs to economically deploy additional QAM capacity to meet growing consumer demand for personalized, high-bandwidth services. Motorola said its new APEX1000 QAM complements its suite of bandwidth-expansion solutions including DOCSIS 3.0 based channel bonding, switched digital video and deep-fiber technologies. The APEX1000 platform supports standards-based video and high-speed data interfaces, while the physical chassis offers field swappable QAM modules and redundant swappable power supplies in a low power 1 RU platform. Any of the QAM channels available can be used for VOD, SDV, broadcast services or DOCSIS high-speed data.

The APEX1000 (All Purpose Edge QAM) features:

  • 1 RU chassis with support for up to 48 DRFI-compliant QAM channels, up to three removable and hot-swappable QAM modules per chassis (two block upconverted RF ports per QAM module)

  • Available in 2x4 (up to four QAM channels per port), 2x8 (up to eight QAM channels per port) and a QAM module software upgrade to field-convert a 2x4 module to a 2x8 module

  • Extremely low power consumption

  • Full Video EQAM Feature set: including network de-jittering, MPEG multiplexing, message insertion and PSI generation following MPEG-2 transport specifications

  • Supports multiple standard SDV and VOD specifications

  • Modular CMTS ready