Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Broadweave to Fix or Replace FTTH Gateways on iProvo Network

Broadweave Networks, which two weeks ago announced plans to purchase the iProvo FTTH network from the City of Provo, Utah, disclosed that it will need to replace the home gateways used on the network. During the process of its due diligence on the network, Broadweave said it discovered problems with the fiber-to-the-home portals which are located at each customer's home. The problem with the gateways has proven to be the cause of telephone service failures on the fiber-optic network--a problem that Broadweave vowed to fix immediately upon closing the purchase of the network.

While Broadweave intends to replace the home portals as a first item of business as the network's new owner, Broadweave said it will also give the manufacturer a period of time to fix the problems. The gateways do not natively support SIP. Broadweave relies heavily on SIP for delivering telephone service over its other FTTH networks. The company said it has given the manufacturer 90 days after the acquisition closes to fix the problem in firmware or it will begin replacing the devices.

The iProvo network currently passes 36,000 homes with approximately 10,500 homes connected.

  • Earlier this month, the City of Provo, Utah confirmed plans to sell its iProvo network to Broadweave Networks, a local fiber-optic services provider, for $40.6 million. Under the terms of the deal, which is subject to municipal council approval, the city retains a license to use the network to connect city buildings, schools, and power infrastructure. Broadweave will operate as both the network owner and the service provider. The City said the sale price is enough to retire the outstanding bonds incurred to build the network. iProvo is believed to be the largest municipally owned fiber-to-the-premises network in the U.S., passing all 36,000 residences and businesses within the city.