Sunday, May 11, 2008

AppTrigger Introduces Ignite Application Session Controller 9.0

AppTrigger released version 9.0 of its "Ignite" Application Session Controller (ASC), adding key performance enhancements, including support for Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) and Media Server Markup Language (MSML). In addition, enhancements made to the Ignite software architecture allows the ASC to easily utilize leading edge server technology and distribute Ignite software across multiple CPUs or servers.

AppTrigger's Ignite ASC ensures "any to any" application connectivity between legacy and next generation networks, as well as competing architectural agendas between vendors. AppTrigger's platform resides between the application layer and the control plane with the purpose of delivering call/session control, signaling, switching and media capabilities to support multiple applications for both new and legacy networks. It provides application-specific call control functions independent of each underlying network, Earlier releases of the platform delivered Intelligent Network -- Service Capability Server (IN-SCS) functionality that enables service providers to bridge the gap by ensuring their existing voice centric IN applications such as pre-paid and voice messaging are able to work within the IMS networks.

Key enhancements in Ignite 9.0 ASC include:

  • Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) - The newly integrated BICC support enables service providers to utilize a single call session protocol for both TDM and RTP while maintaining compatibility with UMTS R4.

  • Host Media Processing (HMP) - HMP technology provides media processing on general purpose servers while reducing the dependency on dedicated DSP solutions, particularly on low port densities.

  • Media Server Markup Language (MSML) - MSML brings rich IP media resource control. MSML is rapidly becoming the standard of choice for applications that need to control NGN media servers due to the simple and widely accepted language foundation.

  • Media Resource Brokering (MRB) -- Presents significant cost savings by providing media resource abstraction across multiple media server platforms, load balancing and fault detection utilizing the ASC's proven session control engine. The Media Resources may be SIP plus MSML which exceeds the definition of MRB as defined by the MultiServices Forum implementation agreement (MSF-IA-SIP.014-FINAL).

AppTrigger is currently deployed in a number of Tier One networks worldwide, including Verizon Wireless, CanTV, O2 and others.