Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ADC Introduces Multi-Protocol Radio Head for Euro Markets

ADC announced that its FlexWave URH multi-band radio head for outdoor distributed antenna system (DAS) deployments is now available for European markets. The FlexWave URH features digital RF technology an is designed to allow carriers to combine multiple bands and multiple protocols over a single digital serial stream to a single radiating point, thereby expanding coverage and capacity while gaining significant savings in operating and capital expenses (OPEX and CAPEX).

FlexWave URH currently supports 1800 MHz DCS and 2100 MHz UMTS frequencies, with 900 MHz GSM to be supported in the third quarter. ADC's new SeRF technology makes FlexWave URH the industry's only outdoor DAS solution to combine digitized RF and baseband (CPRI/OBSAI) over a single stream. FlexWave URH has tri-band remotes, which allow carriers to serve 900/1800/2100 MHz services from a single radiating point, and it can be field-upgraded to enable pay-as-you grow business models.