Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UK Regulator Seeks Proposals for 100 Mbps Build

Ofcom, the UK telecom regulator, is seeking proposals for rolling out next generation broadband networks capable of 100 Mbps services while promoting competition in the provision of these services. Ofcom said its proposed regulations will provide investors with certainty over how these new networks will be regulated. The proposed regulations also aim to ensure that all communications providers interested in delivering high-speed broadband have equal opportunities to invest in telecoms infrastructure for new build properties.

Ofcom is also encouraging communications providers, property developers and the utilities industries to work together to develop standards to guide the commercial success of next generation broadband to new build homes and businesses.

In addition, Ofcom will be conducting a survey of UK infrastructure to examine the scope for extending these networks elsewhere.

In 2007, the Government announced a target of three million new build homes by 2020; it is estimated that around 246,000 new residential and business premises are being built each year. A number of new build developments are already being fitted with fibre-based networks, including Ebbsfleet in Kent, where the new owners will move in this summer.

The consultation which closes on 25 June 2008 can be found on the Ofcom website.

"Given the remarkable results from recent French surveys, we need to establish what the position is here and whether or not duct access has a role to play in the development of competitive next-generation access. So, in cooperation with operators we intend to undertake a sample survey of the existing duct network. We are well aware that there are significant issues related to this in the broader telecoms market and that careful consideration will need to be given to these, alongside the results of the survey," commented Ofcom's Chief Executive, Ed Richard.http://www.ofcom.org.uk/consult/condocs/newbuild/

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