Monday, April 28, 2008

Solera Announces Search Engine for Packet and Payload Data-in-Motion

Solera Networks released a beta version of its "DeepSee" tool for enabling IT or business executives to search, locate and reconstruct specific network traffic in an intuitive, web-like search format. DeepSee works in conjunction with Solera Networks' DS appliances, which provide complete network visibility for both virtual and physical networks through software-based packet capture and stream-to-storage technology.

Key capabilities of Solera DeepSee include the ability to:

  • Execute web-style queries, searching by keywords, user, type of traffic, type of attachment, IP or MAC address, and many other variables

  • Search network traffic for the existence of the most common enterprise file formats

  • Extract and view network artifacts from the search results

  • Obtain visibility into key network-based traffic for legal, HR and other business professionals without requiring networking expertise
  • Monitor and keep a record of all data-in-motion inside the enterprise