Thursday, April 10, 2008

SingTel Offers Global VPN Performance Monitoring

Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) has launched a Global Delivery Platform (GDP) that provides full end-to-end network performance monitoring for corporate VPNs across multiple partners' networks.

SingTel's GDP delivers network performance assurances and faster fault restoration, as well as real-time network performance statistics via an online portal. SingTel said it is able to provide end-to-end network visibility into many Asian, European and US cities by leveraging its ConnectPlus IP VPN network's interconnections with more than 15 leading IP VPN service providers around the globe.

"Most service providers today deploy IP nodes only in a few ‘gateway cities' in a country and do not provide network visibility beyond these locations. SingTel GDP provides in-depth access like never before with coverage that includes lesser known cities. This is extremely useful for customers that have businesses in multiple cities within a large country," Bill Chang, said SingTel's Executive Vice President of Business.