Sunday, April 27, 2008

RMI Rolls Out Dual Core Processor for the SMB Market

RMI Corporation has released its newest XLS Processor, a 1 GHz Dual-Core Multithreaded device for accelerating packet-oriented and control plane applications in the SMB market. The XLS208 Processor offers eight parallel processing elements and advanced application
acceleration techniques for systems solutions sensitive to cost and power.

Built on TSMC's 90nm LP Process, the XLS208 Processor extends RMI's multicore multi-threaded XLS Processor Family. The XLS family of processors is pin compatible and provides the ability to combine control plane, data plane and security operations into a single Super System-On-a-Chip (SuperSOC) solution.

The XLS208 integrates eight vCPUs (fine-grain H/W processing threads using single-clock, zero overhead, context switching) from two MIPS64 compatible CPU cores with 32KB instruction and 32KB data level-1 caches. Also included are three high speed on-chip interconnects, a 512KB level-2 banked cache, 1Gbps Autonomous Security Acceleration Engine technology, an on-chip memory controller supporting 32/36/72b DDR2
memory allowing low-cost commodity DIMM memories, Quad Gigabit Ethernet MACs
with network accelerators, and Quad PCI-Express controllers.