Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nominum Offers DNS & DHCP Solutions to Large Enterprises

Nominum has begun offering its carrier-proven line of DNS and DHCP software solutions to the large enterprise market. These solutions include:

  • Enterprise DNS package: It includes Nominum's Authoritative Name Server (ANS) and Caching Name Server (CNS). ANS is a dedicated authoritative name server purpose-built to scale to large number of zones and records. CNS is a dedicated caching-only name server designed for recursively resolve domain names while also protecting the DNS infrastructure against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and cache poisoning.

  • Enterprise DHCP package: It includes Nominum's Dynamic Configuration Server (DCS), which offers commercial-grade DHCP server with high availability, resiliency and open APIs for flexible DHCP policy management.

Nominum DNS and DHCP packages are supported on any x86 and SPARC-based hardware servers, as well as Red Hat Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD operating systems.

"Unlike the freeware-packaged appliance solutions offered to enterprises today, Nominum's software solutions help enterprises fully leverage investments in server hardware, eliminate network reconfiguration and stability risks to ensure always-on uptime and help secure the network against attacks and vulnerabilities," said Tom Tovar, chief executive officer, Nominum. "Over the past year, several enterprises have sought out Nominum as an alternative to appliances and freeware, particularly as they undergo network transformations to support VoIP, Wi-Fi, virtualization, and data center consolidation."

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