Sunday, April 6, 2008

Narus Debuts Two Traffic Intelligence Products

Narus introduced two new products for real-time traffic intelligence: NarusInsight Traffic Management Suite (NTMS) and NarusInsight Traffic Intelligence Platform (NTIP). The first is designed for detecting, analyzing and mitigating gray or unmanaged VoIP traffic. The second is a customizable, high-performance traffic intelligence application development platform for service providers and governments. Both are based on Narus' NarusInsight technology and both are now available.

The NarusInsight Traffic Management Suite (NTMS) provides real-time IP traffic classification, analysis and mitigation with a particular focus on detecting gray or unmanaged VoIP traffic. Gray VoIP traffic includes calls used to avoid tariffs and toll charges. NTMS is able to detect, mitigate and report on the traffic (including asymmetric traffic) going through a carrier's network; generate VoIP alerts; and record "black lists" and access list activity. Narus estimates service providers are losing millions of dollars in revenue due to Gray VoIP traffic.

The NarusInsight Traffic Intelligence Platform (NTIP) is aimed at organizations that need traffic intelligence but wish to develop custom applications to address unique problems. Narus is offering the platform to service providers and governments.

Narus also announced enhancements to its existing NSS and NIS applications. Service providers using NSS can now offer additional managed security services to their enterprise customers. Historically used for network security and attack mitigation, new NSS features include:

  • Customer portal to view enterprise customers' real-time event and network usage

  • Network security reports by customer outlining savings, amount of bandwidth saved and number of attacks addressed

  • Reports by customer on application usage statistics and trends, in-and-out traffic usage statistics, and a list of users consuming the most bandwidth

Enhancements to NIS make it easier for service providers and governments to capture a larger variety of IP traffic and to manage their systems. Used for forensic analysis, surveillance or to satisfy regulatory compliance, new features of NIS include:

  • Increased performance and enhanced user management and security capabilities

  • Improved intercept management capabilities with added user types

  • Enhanced Webmail features, such as the ability to capture Gawab 2.0 English and Arabic Webmail and Gmail 2008 Webmail

  • Dynamic MPLS targeting capabilities.

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