Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mformation Extends Mobile Device Mgt to WiMAX Networks

Mformation Technologies, which supplies mobile device management (MDM) software to mobile operators worldwide, has extended its product portfolio for new WiMAX-capable devices. The goal is to remotely activate, configure, diagnose, update, secure and manage WiMAX-capable devices through all phases of their life cycle.

Mformation's MDM technology is currently being used to support over 100 million devices on some the leading mobile networks worldwide.

Mformation said the user requirements for device management will be much the same regardless of whether they are connected to an all-IP WiMAX network or a cellular network (including CDMA, CDMA 2000, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, WCDMA, HSPA). Regardless of what network their subscribers are using at any given point in time, service providers still need to configure services, remotely activate users, get a real-time view of devices, distribute and update applications and firmware, secure devices and data, and monitor service availability and performance.

Specific enhancements to the MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER platform to support WiMAX and the seamless management of devices across next-generation networks include:

  • Enablement of device-server interaction over all IP-based networks, supporting functionality such as IP address lookup, IP push notification and secured IP device bootstrapping

  • Consistent management of devices across next-generation networks--from activation/deactivation to security features such as lock and wipe

  • The ability to pull a real-time image of the device over both WiMAX and the wide area network, underpinned by the OMA DM protocol

  • Application and firmware management over both WiMAX and the wide area network, underpinned by the OMA DM protocol.

The technology leverages via all-IP versions of the OMA DM protocol. Device addressing is based on MAC address.

Mformation is commercially deploying MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER for WiMAX to a number of customers, to provide seamless all-IP device management and remote activation capabilities.