Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Matisse Networks Announces Virtualization For its Metro EtherBurst

Matisse Networks is introducing "vMETRO" virtualization capabilities for its metropolitan optical networking solution.

Matisse's EtherBurst architecture, which has been shipping since last year, integrates Ethernet and WDM technologies.

The new virtualization capabilities could simplify the interconnection of distributed data centers and campus local area networks (LAN) so that servers, storage and bandwidth resources may be efficiently shared across the metro area. Specifically, Matisse's vmSwitching capability, now integrated into EtherBurst, makes it possible for an entire network of EtherBurst systems to operate as a single distributed Layer 2 Ethernet switch. Since vmSwitching makes the metro network of EtherBurst nodes manageable as a single entity, the entire metro network can be managed as any Ethernet switch within the datacenter.

Under this architecture, optical VLANs control the logical grouping of virtualized IT resources throughout a metro region. Matisse noted that conventional circuit based WDM systems only provide point-to-point circuit connectivity and require the ongoing management of a separate Layer 1 network. In contrast, optical VLANs are managed using standard VLAN management interfaces, enabling end-to-end Layer 2 networking of distributed resources.

Matisse's mQOS delivers dynamic bandwidth reallocation, shifting bandwidth in real-time between applications and between sites while ensuring higher priority applications receive all resources necessary for optimal operation. EtherBurst dynamically responds to changing traffic patterns to deliver bandwidth to the highest priority users and applications anywhere across the metro optical network.