Sunday, April 6, 2008

Juniper Unveils New IDP Appliances

Juniper Networks introduced a new family of Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) appliances featuring greater throughput, performance and port density for providing security coverage at the network perimeter and network core. The new IDP appliances, which are used to identify, secure and manage traffic, offer 10 Gbps of throughput, up to 80 Gbit modular Input/Output (I/O), and a full Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) feature set. The appliances provide in-line protection to thwart network- and application-level attacks using stateful detection and prevention techniques.

Juniper said its IDP appliances provide zero-day protection and prevent worms, trojans, spyware, keyloggers and other malware from penetrating the network or spreading from already infected users. Several models are available:

  • The Juniper Networks IDP 8200 delivers 10 Gbps of throughput, and is suited for large enterprise and service provider deployments. In addition to deployments at the network perimeter, the high throughput delivered by the IDP 8200 enables the deployment of IPS appliances in the network core to secure traffic within the corporate network. IDP 8200 pricing starts at $70,000.

  • The Juniper Networks IDP 75, 250 and 800 offer IPS capabilities to a wide range of customers, ranging from small enterprises to ISPs. The IDP 75 starts at a list price of $8,000, the IDP 250 starts at $19,000, the IDP 800 starts at $49,000.

The IDP appliances include built-in bypass capabilities to ensure continued network connectivity without the overhead cost and resources needed for an external bypass solution. The new IDP appliances provide continued support for coordinated threat control with Juniper's Unified Access Control and Secure Access SSL VPN. In addition, the IDP products are managed by the Juniper Networks NetScreen-Security Manager (NSM), a centralized, rule-based management solution that provides granular control over the system's behavior.

Juniper is also offering daily signature updates for IDP customers.

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