Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ixia Debuts 10 GbE Load Modules for High Density Data Center Testing

Ixia introduced a layer 2-7, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) IP testing solution for high-density next-generation data center infrastructure.

The new 10 GbE IxYukon load module, which leverages Ixia's converged testing applications, IxLoad and IxNetwork, is aimed at testing for next generation data centers.

Ixia said the new 10 GbE IxYukon module provides four times the 10 GbE port density of its nearest competitor. When used with the Ixia XM12 chassis, the solution requires one-quarter of the laboratory space and one-half the power consumption. With the eight-port IxYukon, 96 10 GbE test ports fit in a standard 19-inch rack-mount Ixia XM12 chassis. The nearest competitor requires four fully loaded chassis to match Ixia's 96-port, single chassis 10 GbE solution.

Ixia's IxYukon 10 GbE load modules begin shipping at the end of Q2 2008.http://www.ixiacom.com