Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Huawei Announces Hybrid Access Line Assurance Solution

Huawei Technologies announced a hybrid access line assurance solution aimed at solving new line maintenance problems arising from hybrid xPON+DSL access deployments. Such problems can arise in networks where multiple FTTX network topologies with different copper lengths and aging copper loops are used. Issues arising out of crosstalk and interference seriously impact the performance of DSL, and affect the service rollout.

Huawei said its Xpert LAS implements the leading DSM (Dynamic Spectra Management) technology based on its APO (Associated Performance Optimization) algorithm, to solve the DSL crosstalk & interference bottleneck in an efficient and practical way. Its software-based provisioning and management solution enables operators to reduce service roll-out time and maintenance effort and in turn attract more customers with faster time-to-market. The end-to-end line assurance solution offers great power saving features for DSL, assisting operators in their effort for energy savings.

Huawei calculates that its Xpert LAS can improve ADSL2+/ VDSL2 performance by over 30%, while greatly reduces the probability of mosaics in IPTV.