Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fujitsu to Reorganize Photonics Business

Fujitsu Limited and its subsidiary Fujitsu Access Limited plan to merge and reorganize their photonic systems businesses in July in order to strengthen their photonics systems development, manufacturing and sales operations for the Japanese market. The plan was approved today at a meeting of Fujitsu Limited's Board of Directors.

Fujitsu is a global supplier of WDM and SONET backbone network systems.

Fujitsu Access is a supplier of GE-PON access network solutions for customers in Japan.

The company said as the boundary between backbone and access networks has become increasingly blurred, it necessary to generate greater collaboration between these divisions by combining their capabilities and know-how, particularly for the development of next-generation photonic systems for the Japanese market.

The photonics divisions to be merged and reorganized are as follows:

1. Photonics Sales Divisions -- the Japan sales divisions of Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Access Limited will be merged into one Fujitsu Limited sales division for the Japanese market.

2. Photonics Development and Manufacturing Divisions -- the Japan product development divisions of Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Access Limited, and all the companies' photonics manufacturing divisions will be merged and reorganized. Fujitsu Limited will continue to develop products for markets outside Japan. The power electronics(5) business of Fujitsu Access, including its sales division, will continue to be managed by Fujitsu Access.

Details on the merger and reorganization will be announced in the middle of May.