Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First International Telecom Deploys Motorola's WiMAX

First International Telecom (Fitel), a major telecom operator in Taiwan, is working with Motorola and UTStarcom to deploy a WiMAX network as a part of the operator's commitment to the M-Taiwan project. Fitel received its operator license to provide WiMAX services for northern Taiwan in July 2007.

Motorola noted that this represents its third WiMAX project in Taiwan in the last eight months.

Fitel provides mobile communications services through its PHS network to over 1 million subscribers. Fitel plans to start testing the WiMAX base stations in the downtown area of Taipei by first half of 2008. The M-Taiwan project is a government initiative to accelerate WiMAX ecosystem development and create a city-wide broadband network to support wireless broadband services to consumers.http://www.motorola.com

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