Wednesday, April 9, 2008

FCC Increases ATC Spectrum for the Globalstar Mobile Satellite Network

The FCC adopted an order that increases the amount of spectrum in which CDMA operators of Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS) low-earth orbit satellite systems in the 1.6/2.4 GHz bands (the Big LEO bands) may provide ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) service. Specifically, the FCC increased the spectrum available for ATC in the Big LEO L-band from 1610-1615.5 MHz to 1610-1617.775 MHz, and in the Big LEO S-band from 2487.5-2493 MHz to 2483.5-2495 MHz. At the same time, the FCC adopted rules to ensure that ATC operations will not cause harmful interference to other services in these or adjacent bands.

The FCC proposes to modify the ATC authority of Globalstar to allow greater capacity and flexibility for MSS/ATC, and will allow CDMA Big LEO MSS/ATC systems to provide improved service to customers, particularly in urban and underserved rural areas of the United States.

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