Monday, April 21, 2008

Cisco Webex Announces Tree Planting Challenge

Cisco announced a challenge as a part of its 'Plant-A-Tree with WebEx' program. From April 21 through May 31, in addition to planting a tree for each free trial, for every 100 free trials taken Cisco WebEx will plant an additional 100 trees. The challenge is part of Cisco WebEx's ongoing efforts to help business reduce their impact on the environment by reducing the need for travel.

Cisco calculates that replacing business trips with web meeting can dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For example:

  • Using WebEx instead of one person flying from New York to London for a team meeting would save 2,690 pounds of carbon dioxide

  • Using WebEx instead of two people traveling from Chicago to San Francisco for a sales presentation would save 4,696 pounds of carbon dioxide

  • Using WebEx for a training session with 12 participants flying from Dallas to San Francisco would save 22,377 pounds of carbon dioxide.

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