Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cisco Opens its Integrated Services Router for 3rd Party Apps

Cisco is opening its Integrated Services Router (ISR) and Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) platforms to customers and third-party application developers. Cisco also introduced an array of new security, wireless and unified communication products and service innovations that elevate branch-office worker productivity and deliver information technology (IT) operational efficiencies.

Highlights of the new offerings include:

  • Cisco Application eXtension Platform. The Cisco AXP consists of open, Linux-based Cisco ISR hardware modules for application development and hosting to support a tighter integration of the network and applications. Multiple off-the-shelf and custom applications are now available, along with a development and support ecosystem that includes a downloadable software development kit (SDK) and application programming interface (API) for application developers.

  • Cisco WAAS WAE-674 Wide Area Application Engine with Virtual Blade Technology. Further opening the branch to third-party applications, the newest Cisco wide-area network (WAN) optimization platform, the Cisco WAE-674, offer a "virtual blade" technology to host third-party applications, beginning with Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

  • Cisco 880 and 860 Series ISR. These are the first fixed-configuration routers to provide integrated lightweight access points supporting Cisco Unified Wireless and IEEE 802.11n WLAN technology, 3G wireless WAN support for improved high availability, and specialized support for managed services.

  • Enhanced Unified Communications and manageability. Cisco also introduced enhancements to Cisco Unified Border Element and integrated management of voice, security and data services with new Cisco Configuration Professional Management Software.

Regarding the 3rd party applications, the Cisco AXP, which is based on an open Linux architecture with an open interface to Cisco IOS,
is delivered via network modules and Advanced Integration Modules (AIMs) on the Cisco ISR. Multiple applications can be supported on a single AXP module concurrently, optimizing the footprint in branch offices.

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