Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chelsio Delivers Microsoft TCP Chimney-enabled 10GbE Adapter

Chelsio Communications announced availability of its TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) technology fully supporting the Microsoft TCP Chimney architecture. Microsoft TCP Chimney allows Windows operating systems to offload network TCP processing from the CPU to the network controller.

Chelsio said TCP/IP processing consumes a high amount of server CPU cycles and at 10Gbps rates, it places a tremendous load on the memory subsystem and the need to offload this burden from the server becomes critical.

The Chelsio TCP Chimney-enabled adapter frees the host CPU from network processing. It also eliminates data copy and frees up memory bandwidth for processing of applications.

Chelsio also announced that it is licensing Alacritech Inc. patents to enable Chimney driver support.

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