Wednesday, April 2, 2008

AT&T Offers GigE VoIP Interface for Wholesale Customers

AT&T announced the availability of a Gigabit Ethernet interface for its AT&T Voice Over IP Connect Service (AVOICS) and the AT&T BusinessDirect portal for AT&T Global Hubbing IP Access (GHIA) customers. The AVOICS Gigabit Ethernet connectivity interface enables customers to interconnect with the AT&T network more efficiently and at higher capacity.

AVOICS is the flagship wholesale VoIP offered to U.S. service providers that require IP-based connectivity to AT&T's global IP network for long distance call termination. Customers connect to AVOICS via AT&T's MPLS-Private Network Transport (MPLS-PNT) service. AT&T's advanced worldwide voice-networking infrastructure provides the foundation for a variety of unbranded and unbundled domestic long distance and international service offerings to wholesale customers for both resale and internal use.

The GHIA platform is designed to provide flexible solutions for both U.S. and global customers with high international call volumes. GHIA is a centrally managed service that allows service providers to easily establish and operate IP telephony services over AT&T's award-winning global network.

"By adding these options to our portfolio, we are demonstrating our agility and continued commitment to provide innovative voice and IP solutions to our wholesale customers," said Rise Frankel, executive director of Wholesale Marketing for AT&T Operations Inc. "Ethernet is quickly becoming the de facto access method that wholesale customers are looking for in terms of capability and flexibility because it can be used as the foundation for VoIP, IP access, intranet connectivity and MPLS core services. An Ethernet interface typically allows for seamless growth as customer bandwidth requirements increase."

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