Sunday, April 6, 2008

180Squared Offers Microsoft Mediaroom Expertise and Application Framework

180Squared, a start-up headed by former Microsoft Mediaroom architects, introduced its encapsulation interface into Mediaroom middleware for existing Billing/Operational Support System (B/OSS) applications and emerging third-party software.

The "180Squared Framework" is an encapsulation of Mediaroom subsystems that enables 180Squared applications, third-party applications, and operator B/OSS applications like Customer Resource Management (CRM) and billing to safely and transparently interact with Mediaroom. The Framework provides all message translation into Mediaroom and provides service assurance against faulty Mediaroom interactions that could degrade network performance or cause other scalability problems. Stateful integration and workflow assist carriers in applying existing systems and logic to Mediaroom services.

The 180Squared team, which developed key architectural elements for Mediaroom and contributed B/OSS integration services for Mediaroom installations at AT&T, Bell Canada, and Telmex, said it is leveraging its technical expertise and extensible integration framework to help carriers maximize the profitability of their Mediaroom service.

180Squared is working in partnership with carriers on IPTV planning and design. It can customize the carrier's IPTV offering with unique consumer applications like remote DVR and caller ID that competitive broadcasters cannot provide.

180Squared is also developing its own applications for Mediaroom, including a number of "Quickstart" application modules:

  • Device Activation Module, to automate provisioning of customer CPE

  • Billing Module, for integration into legacy billing and records systems

  • Caller ID Module, a consumer value-added application

  • EAS Module, supporting regulatory digital alert systems

  • Web-based PVR Scheduling (RemoteDVR) Module, enabling service providers to offer DVR scheduling as a hosted or branded service.
  • 180Squared is headquartered in Pleasanton, California.

  • 180Squared is headed by Mark Cooper, who previously was director of solutions architecture at Microsoft, where he led the organization responsible for the deployment of Microsoft Mediaroom at Bell Canada, ATT, and ATT-SE (formerly Bell South).