Sunday, March 9, 2008

WiChorus Announces Home Agent for WiMAX Networks

WiChorus, a start-up based in San Jose, California, introduced an intelligent Home Agent solution for providing secure mobile IP address management and subscriber-awareness across WiMAX and LTE networks. The new Home Agent, which represents an extension of the company's Intelligent Core solution, is designed to enable carriers to manage and monetize traffic on their networks. It works in conjunction with a Mobile IP Foreign Agent, such as an ASN Gateway, to ensure that IP-based subscriber stations can roam freely about the network while remaining reachable to other network users at all times. The space is fully compliant with the WiMAX Forum NWG specification, including supporting the unique WiMAX attributes required for interfacing to the Authentication Authorization Accounting (AAA) server.

WiChorus' Home Agent sits in the data-forwarding path between the ASN-GW and the Internet in a WiMAX network, placing it in a strategic location for providing advanced services, such as peer-to-peer traffic management and differentiated QoS.

The WiChorus Home Agent includes built-in content management capabilities for enabling advanced features such as peer-to-peer traffic management, advanced accounting & billing, QoS, and seamless mobility support.

WiChorus said these advanced content management capabilities prevent a mobile network from becoming a dumb bit-pipe and transform it into a smart network.

WiChorus has completed interoperability testing of its Home Agent with AAA servers from Bridgewater Systems and Aptilo Networks.

  • In September 2007, WiChorus introduced a massively scalable intelligent Access Services Network (ASN) Gateway will support open interfaces and provide flexibility for multiple WiMAX Forum profiles. The WiChorus intelligent ASN Gateway sits in the heart of the wireless network, with visibility across all subscribers and packet flows.

  • WiChorus was founded Rehan Jalil, who previously served as chief architect of WiMAX for Aperto Networks.

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