Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Veraz Announces Network-Adaptive Session Border Controllers (SBCs)

Veraz Networks announced the availability of its Network-adaptive Border Controller, a next generation Session Border Controllers (SBC) designed to provide security for multimedia sessions and network interconnections.

The company said that its new Network-adaptive Border Controller overcomes the shortcomings of first generations SBCs, which provided simple interconnection and security between IP networks, required separate management interfaces, did not provide visibility to the other end of the connection, and incurred high operating and management costs. Veraz's Network-adaptive Border Controller reduces OPEX costs by providing centralized management and control of distributed SBCs so that carriers have one routing interface, one billing record, and one source of FCAPs information.

Veraz will offer different scalable hardware configurations, depending on the number of sessions required at each gateway location. Volume production shipments began in Q407, with over 100,000 sessions shipped to date.http://www.veraznetworks.com/

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