Sunday, March 2, 2008

TippingPoint Introduces Core 10 Gigabit Intrusion Prevention

TippingPoint introduced an in-line, network-based appliance that enables 10 Gbps of bi-directional traffic inspection by TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to protect network resources, operating systems and critical applications from malicious threats.

The new TippingPoint Core Controller can be deployed as a "bump-in-the-wire" network element for up to three 10 Gbps network links. Traffic entering the Core Controller is intelligently flow balanced to a bank of TippingPoint IPS's where traffic inspection and enforcement are performed. Malicious and unwanted traffic is blocked and clean traffic is returned to the Core Controller for distribution to the appropriate 10Gbps egress link, allowing organizations to economically scale security traffic inspection and enforcement.

TippingPoint said its Core Controller enables 10 Gbps links to be protected by the TippingPoint IPS while ensuring high availability, performance, low latency and security accuracy. The Core Controller's high availability features include redundant configurability, built-in zero power bypass (Smart ZPHA), IPS heartbeat monitoring, link down synchronization and hardware watchdogs, allow an unprecedented level of redundancy configuration to eliminate single points of failure.

The TippingPoint Core Controller is now available and starts at $59,995 USD list.

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