Thursday, March 6, 2008

TeliaSonera Deploys Edgeware's Flash-based Video Server

TeliaSonera has deployed Edgeware's Orbit 2x server system to deliver on-demand TV and video services to its IPTV subscriber base in Sweden. The architecture is based on Edgeware's Orbit 2x, which is a high density, high performance and ultra low power consumption video server appliance. Each Orbit 2x hosts up to 3 TB of flash memory content storage and is capable of reliably streaming 20 Gbps to more than 16,000 concurrent users from anywhere in the network.

Edgeware said the TeliaSonera installation consists of both central and edge servers, hierarchically distributed throughout the country, and managed by the "Origin" remote management system. Content is automatically distributed by Edgeware's "Convoy" asset propagation system. The installation automatically ingests video content from multiple providers and performs time shift of live TV channels at virtually zero latency.

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